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All In One. Automated. Revenue.
Amazing Automation Plugin Makes Building Niches Sites Child's Play...We've Taken The Best Features Of Other Popular Plugins Like WP Robot and WP Zon Builder and Combined Them Creating The Most Powerful Niche Marketing Software Available.
AssociatePress Features:
Hands Free Automated Solution To Building Affiliate Sites and Niche Blogs
Curate Content From The Hottest Content Sources On The Net
True All In One Amazon Affiliate Software
AssociatePress Has More Features Then WP Robot and WP Zon Builder COMBINED


Start Building Amazing Sites In Less Then 60 Seconds With The All In One Power Of AssociatePress
The most powerful amazon affiliate plugin can create quality amazon affiliates complete with content from the hottest sources on complete auto pilot. No other plugin on the market can compete with the featured packed AssociatePress Wordpress Plugin.

Easy Niche Site Creation
A Complete All In One Solution To Content Creation? - Use AssociatePress today to start your niche site empire – Create 10, 20, even 50 content-packed sites a day

Content Curation
Publish content from the hottest sources on the net and create content filled niche affiliate sites.

Traffic Generation
With AssociatePress's Automatic RSS Submissions,  you will be able to generate traffic directly to your post on complete auto pilot.

All In One Amazon Affiliate Software
With the power to do what normally required multiple plugins to do means you can use one plugin to accomplish everything you need.
Take A Look At AssociatePress In Action...

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AssociatePress Has Loads of Powerful Features!
AssociatePress contains 4 main modules.  Each module has unique features allowing the user to accomplish many different things.  This is the All In One power that AssociatePress offers it's owners.
amazon review
Module 1- Amazon Product Reviews
This module automates the process of creating Amazon Product Reviews by pasting the url to any amazon product.  The user also has the ability to add in their own unique content making the end product review completely unique.  There are also options to make the product review a negative review giving the user the opportunity to offer an alternative product.  Automatically displays product rating and images in either a post or a page.
Module 2- Traffic Generation
AssociatePress can automatically GENERATE TRAFFIC to your site by automatically creating rss feeds for all posts and then submitting those feeds to multiple RSS Agregators creating backlinks and traffic.
add to queue
Module 4- Content Campaigns Creation
With AssociatePress you can create TEMPLATE DRIVEN campaigns from over 17 CONTENT SOURCES including 5 affiliate networks.  RSS,  Article,  Social and Video are just a few of the popular content types making it EASY to create any kind of site you wish.
Module 3- Amazon Product Poster
With AssociatePress you can post THOUSANDS of amazon products in just SECONDS.  This module lets you search and add products by Keyword or Browse Node with filtering.  You can also add products by ASIN list.  This options lets you target the specific products that you want on your site.  Once you've added the products to the posting queue.  Post products to one category or multiple categories.  Choose to make post or pages.  You have the option to create brand categories.  Publish all products immediately or on a schedule.
campaign creation
That’s Cool… But What Else Can AssociatePress Do?
With the power of AssociatePress Creating content for your niche sites has never been easier. AssociatePress is truly an All In One solution. Take a look at just some of the content sources available right at your fingertips.
press release

Press Releases




RSS Feeds


Youtube Videos

Create Affiliate Camapigns From Multiple Networks With the Power Of AssociatePress
Creating affiliate campaigns is a breeze. AssociatePress integrates with Amazon, ShopZilla, Commission Junction and Linkshare.





Commission Junction



A Few Words That Define What AssociatePress Is All About


(of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.


(especially of a system or machine) achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.


the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.


successful in producing a desired or intended result.

AssociatePress Is Perfect for ANY Wordpress User Seeking Automatic Profits!
AssociatePress is your All In One solution for turning your niche blogs into Money Making Machines. If you are tired of always searching for content and having to buy multiple high dollar plugins then AssociatePress is the solution you've been searching for.
Your All In One Site Creation and Marketing Solution
autopilot commission

Why worry about putting all the exhausting time and effort into building an active blogging network when there’s a single plugin that can do it all for you and has a proven performance track record?

It doesn’t matter what topic, product, or market you want to connect with. It doesn’t matter how often you want it updated. There are no writers to manage, no content to write…it’s all done for you!

Whether you are a total newbie or a veteran blogger, we’ve got you covered inside the AssociatePress member’s area. Unleash AssociatePress onto your site today and watch as your traffic steadily grows, week in – week out!

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Want To Build A Amazon Store In Just A Couple Minutes?

You Can Build One Just Like This With The Quick Amazon Store Builder Module Of AssociatePress...Click On The Image For Live Preview

I Want To Be Completely Honest With You

We are already doing an overhaul of the plugin,  adding new, amazing features and functionality to make it even better than it is currently and to be perfectly honest we were planning to sell AssociatePress 2.0 as a new product for $97.  But,  we didn't want you to have to wait.  We had so many request to release AssociatePress  we decided to release it now and a very low one time price.

Usually when a developer makes a significant update to an existing product they will sell it as a brand new product and that's fine but in this case since we are also making adjustments as well as adding new features and functions we think that we should do something else.  Here's what we've decided to do.  For those who purchase AssociatePress now or before this launch offer ends we are going to give you the new AssociatePress 2.0 ABSOLUTELY FREE.

AssociatePress 2.0 is already in development and will be ready soon and you will automatically get it free of charge.  We believe this is the fair way to do it and we hope it works for you.


  • AssociatePress Wordpress Plugin
  • Basic Usage Training
  • Bonus Wordpress Store Theme
  • Other Free Bonuses...Over 34 Bonuses In All!
Get AssociatePress Now for $67 Just $27
Secure Your Copy of AssociatePress and Take Control of Creating Your Niche Websites…After The First Hour AssociatePress Will Be Available At A DIMESALE Starting At Only $27!
One-Time Only Payment – Includes a Unlimited Personal Site License
By clicking the buy button above and purchasing this product you confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions and refund policy
PS. This Is A Dimesale So The Price Goes Up With Each Sale. Take Action Now To Get The Lowest Price

Shane Paxton


Mike McKay

By clicking the buy button above and purchasing this product you confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions and refund policy


  1. Does AssociatePress every feature that wp robot has?  No.  In order to keep the price down as low as possible,  we have the features that customers are more likely to need and use.  WP Robot has more advanced features but does cost more.  If money is not an option for you then I recommend you pick up wp robot.
  2. Do you have to buy any upgrades to get all features of AssociatePress?  No.  AssociatePress has only one version when it comes to features and you get all of them.
  3. Can you use any wordpress theme? Yes. AP works with any theme.  You do get a bonus theme that you can use to build store sites fast.
We are interested in working with serious individuals who want to be a success. If you are a person that likes to purchase products and ask for refunds please move on to something else. We do not want to waste your time or our time because this results in our serious and hard working customers not getting the attention they deserve.

Our Refund Policy

We've gone to great lengths to describe on this page exactly what you are purchasing. What it comes with, what you need to use the product, what the product does and so on. We feel that you are able to make a decision on whether or not you want the product. If you do not want the product, please don't purchase the product.

If the product does not work and we can not fix the product then a refund can be given. This product has been tested to ensure it does exactly what we say that it does.

Requirements for a refund- If a refund request is submitted it must contain clear proof that the product does not work. This means we need screenshots, screencast demonstrating the product not working and we will also need the details necessary for us to test and confirm if the product does work or not working. If all requirements are met and we test and the product does not work,
at that point if we can not fix the issue we will immediately refund your money.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee this product works exactly like we say that it does or we will refund your money (see requirements above).

By clicking the buy button above and purchasing this product you confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions and refund policy above.
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